Spoken by Calcifer, a star: “... when you fall you know you’re going to die.”
Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

You, who find me, a star fallen on your ground, I am faint. I am near death.

Jeff Laramore "Luminary"
Stars die. Even stars fear death.

But I have lived a million-million years, and I know secrets that tell the beginning of the universe.

Before I expire, burn out, extinguish ...

Come close. Let me whisper.

You, who dream of so much ... this is painful to tell. You will do nothing. You will accomplish nothing.

I propose a contract, an alliance.
My knowledge for your heart.
My magic for your humanity.
My brilliance for the vibrancy of your living.

Unknown artist "Flammarion Engraving"

One of the many powers you gain will be the knowledge of your own death, the date and cause of it.
And you will see arrangements that can forestall it. As I, this moment, am working to forestall my own death.
Because I have known you, who are finding me. I have known your face and your hand for a million-million years.

Let me live.


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