Questing for Job is the retelling of an ancient story. This hypertext-fiction is inspired by the Bible's Book of Job, the Apocrypha's Testament of Job, the Koran's descriptions of the prophet Job, and by the many folk-tales, legends, and wonder stories that support and subvert those sacred texts.

The project began as a scavenger hunt created in the virtual world Second Life.

Quest of Job poster in SL

I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Jon Seattle, aka Jonathan Smith, creator of Cedar Island who generously donated the time, space, and "prims" needed to experiment with form and text. I have fond memories of the year I "lived" in my little house on Cedar Island. Pieces of the original interactive narrative still exist on Sea Turtle Island, home to the Quakers of SL.

Texts that have been essential in my study of Job:

ENTER into the story of "The strange and wonderful Book of Job" (as described by Maimonides)